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Davide Sacchetti davide.sacchetti at arpal.liguria.it
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yes they are scripts written by grads users
you may find cbarn.gs here: http://www.atmos.albany.edu/facstaff/rfovell/ATM562/cbarn.gs
no ideas about gprint.gs, it sounds like a script to dump a png file ... you could build by yourself, docs are here: http://cola.gmu.edu/grads/gadoc/gradcomdgxprint.html

good luck, grads it's easy and efficient, you could learn quickly

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Dear Grads Users,

Being completely new to the Grads land and, even more, to the Linux world i attempted to run a *.gs script, got some error messages and can't figure the way to go around them.

Grads version 2.2.1 was installed by calling "sudo apt install grads" from Ubuntu 22.04 installed as a VM with the help of Hyper-V on Windows 10. The script i attempted to execute produces an image using a slice of data from a *.gdat file. The actual image is produced and does look reasonable, but then grads stutters when the script attempts to call the lines:
"cbarn 1 0 5.5 0.8"
and lower down.
"gprint snow1".

So no color bar and no image printed... The returned error messages are:
Unknown command: cbarn
Unknown command: gprint

I then tried to use the Grads package to export a *.gdat file to NetCDF using the lats4d function and the same message appeared.

It appears as if Grads can't find the functions called from the script or the command line. But then i can't find them either. I've no idea where ubuntu stores the functions. Simple search did not return anything reasonable. Can it be the case that after installing the grads package on Linux one is supposed to somehow map the way to the functions, so that the OS can navigate to the relevant code, once a function is called? A bit like setting the path variable in Windows. If that's the case, how is it done? If it is not, what could possibly prevent grads from running the above named functions?
In any case, i'd be very grateful if some one could put me on the right track. Feels like it is something very basic.

Best regards, Sergey M. 

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