[gradsusr] PyGrADS 3.0.b1: First Python 3 version

Arlindo da Silva dasilva at alum.mit.edu
Mon Jul 5 12:22:32 EDT 2021


   I have uploaded to sf.net a new version of PyGrADS v3.0.b1:


This is the first Python 3 version; support for Python 2 has been dropped.
GaLab (which depends on Basemap) is still included in this release but it
is scheduled to be replaced by similar functionality (based on cartopy) now
that Basemap is being deprecated (end-of-life, really).This release has
been verified to work with the anaconda (Python 3.8.5, IPython 7.18.1).

  Although I have plans to use Brian & Jennifer's GrADSPy within pygrads,
this is still an entirely "pure python", thread safe, python interface to


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