[gradsusr] Writing a time average of 3d data in GRD format

tanmays at barc.gov.in tanmays at barc.gov.in
Sat Jul 3 14:46:24 EDT 2021

Dear Users,
I am trying to make a *.grd file after taking time average of 3d data 
(x,y,z). eg.
In following step:
>> Open ma_cexcad.ctl
(The data is having dimensions of x=360, y=180, z=40, t=365)
>> set z 1 40
>>  extjan = ave(ma_cexcad, t=1, t=31)
>> set gxout fwrite
>> set fwrite -be extjan.grd
>> d extjan

This is giving error " invalid dimension environment, Looping dimension 
does not vary".
This is because I am varying z from 1 to 40. If i fix z=1 the this will 
But I want a *.grd file (if I write in *.nc file this is going fine but 
i want *.grd file only because i can add all *grd files in simple manner 
later) which will contain the parameter extjan with its all vertical 

How to do that?
Please help.
Thank you in advance.


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