[gradsusr] grib2ctl.pl issue since 12th june 12 UTC runs and all actual runs

Frank Bandle frank at bandle.com
Fri Jun 14 07:09:53 EDT 2019

Hi all

we download grib2 data and convert part of these data to grib1-Files —  This is still ok and working.
We generate surface grib-data and so on.

Also we generate upper-air grib1- files , and here we have a problem since GFS updates the files 12th June …

all grib1 files we pack together are in 3h intervals …   so far so good  grib2ctl.pl works correct with all surface data  
tdef 59 linear 00Z14jun2019 3hr

But with upperair data grib2ctl.pl says that the interval is 1mo 
tdef 1 linear 00Z14jun2019 1mo

but still the upperair.grb is 3hourly 

Here is a link to the upperair.grb and upperair.ctl file  in grib1-format

Is anybody haveing the same problem or knows about that since 12th june 2019 ? 

As you can see with wgrib -v upperair.grb the interval is 3h ….   but upperair.ctl is doing 1mo 

The effect is that all plots with timestep 1 , 2 ,3 …  ´fails… with  grads errors  “out of boundary” … 

we use grib2ctl v0.9.15 

any ideas fixing this are welcome 

thx - frank 

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