[gradsusr] Extract european Metars from monsoondata.org:9090 and plot them

amelia graziano ameliagraziano at tiscalinet.it
Mon Feb 15 14:04:10 EST 2016

Jennifer thanks for the quick answer.

It works, but for what I understand, the METARs 
plotted are the reports for Feb 1st,. What I have 
to change for have plotted the latest MATARs (Feb 15th 1800UTC ?


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>Hi, Amelia —
>Always use ‘open’ with GDS station data URLs.
>Once you’ve got the data set open, you can’t 
>explicitly set which stations will get plotted 
>on a lat/lon map. The only option is to use the 
>‘filt’ variable to control the density of stations in the domain.
>‘set lon 6 20’
>‘set lat 36 48’
>‘set stid on’
>‘set digsiz 0.15’
>‘set gxout stnmark’
>‘d ts’
>You will see a map that shows all the stations 
>reporting surface temperature with the stationID 
>printed below the colored marks. you can use 
>‘filt’ to thin out the reports, e.g.
>'d maskout(ts,4-filt)’
>This will show fewer reports. To see what the 
>‘filt' value is for each station,
>‘set gxout value’
>‘set digsiz 0.1'
>‘d filt’
>If you also ‘set stnprint on’ and ‘set stat on’, 
>GrADS will print the stationID, lon, lat, lev, 
>and value to the terminal (or to the ‘result’ 
>variable if you are running in a script).
>On Feb 14, 2016, at 2:56 PM, amelia graziano 
><<mailto:ameliagraziano at TISCALINET.IT>ameliagraziano at TISCALINET.IT> wrote:
>>Hello everybody,
>>I have a question! I know under
>>there are all
>>the February Metars , my goal is to extract some Metar Airports at
>>specific time and plot them on a map.
>>I don't kow how to procede. I tried open
>>or sdfopen
>>But no luck!
>>Thanks in advance for help
>>Amelia Graziano
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>>gradsusr at gradsusr.org
>Jennifer Miletta Adams
>Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
>George Mason University
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