[gradsusr] Extract european Metars from monsoondata.org:9090 and plot them

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Hi, Amelia —
Always use ‘open’ with GDS station data URLs.

Once you’ve got the data set open, you can’t explicitly set which stations will get plotted on a lat/lon map. The only option is to use the ‘filt’ variable to control the density of stations in the domain.

'open http://monsoondata.org:9090/dods/stn/metar/2016/mon02'
‘set lon 6 20’
‘set lat 36 48’
‘set stid on’
‘set digsiz 0.15’
‘set gxout stnmark’
‘d ts’

You will see a map that shows all the stations reporting surface temperature with the stationID printed below the colored marks. you can use ‘filt’ to thin out the reports, e.g.

'd maskout(ts,4-filt)’

This will show fewer reports. To see what the ‘filt' value is for each station,

‘set gxout value’
‘set digsiz 0.1'
‘d filt’

If you also ‘set stnprint on’ and ‘set stat on’, GrADS will print the stationID, lon, lat, lev, and value to the terminal (or to the ‘result’ variable if you are running in a script).


On Feb 14, 2016, at 2:56 PM, amelia graziano <ameliagraziano at TISCALINET.IT<mailto:ameliagraziano at TISCALINET.IT>> wrote:

Hello everybody,

I have a question! I know under
http://monsoondata.org:9090/dods/stn/metar/2016/mon02 there are all
the February Metars , my goal is to extract some Metar Airports at
specific time and plot them on a map.

I don't kow how to procede. I tried open
http://monsoondata.org:9090/dods/stn/metar/2016/mon02 or sdfopen

But no luck!

Thanks in advance for help

Amelia Graziano

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