[gradsusr] meteosat grib2 (grb) files

Athanasios Karagiannidis thankar at live.com
Tue Apr 26 05:10:23 EDT 2016

Hello to all.

I'm trying to open and visualize the contents of the "fire detection indicator" parameter that is included in meteosat grib2 file like the one I attach.

When trying to create the ctl file i get the following message.

[...]$ g2ctl.pl -0 201604250700-fir.grb >201604250700-fir.ctl
*** script needs to be modified ***
unknown user-defined grid

As a consequence the ctl file that is created can not be opened by gribmap

[...]$ gribmap -0 -i 201604250700-fir.ctl 
Open Error:  missing XDEF record 
Open Error:  missing YDEF record 
  The data file was not opened

and no idx file is created.

Could someone provide any help?
Athanasios F. Karagiannidis
Physicist, PhD Meteorology and Climatology
E-mail: thankar at live.com 		 	   		  
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