[gradsusr] GEOS-5 dust extinction

AMS EmsiWx Bytča emsiwx at pocasie-bytca.sk
Mon Apr 25 12:10:58 EDT 2016

Thank you very, very much Matt. That is exactly what I was looking for. 
New img attached.


Dňa 25. 4. 2016 o 17:17 Thompson, Matt (GSFC-610.1)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND 
> On 04/22/2016 01:10 PM, AMS EmsiWx Bytča wrote:
>> Dear Grads users,
>> I am trying to plot Europe Dust Extinction using GEOS-5 dods server:
>> http://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov:9090/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/fcast/inst3_3d_ext_Np/inst3_3d_ext_Np.20160422_00.info
>> and using duext.
>> What I would like to get is a map similiar to this:
>> https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/videos/1802390916650668/
>> What I get is an image, please see the attachment.
>> I dont know how to set the value range. Is there any other way to
>> display dust over Europe?
>> Thank you all very much for your time.
> Marian,
> Looking at that plot, my guess is that you are currently displaying the
> 1000 hPa level and, as such, most of the plot is undefined (as GEOS-5
> output does not impinge upon topography).
> What you probably want to use is a 2d column integrated product and one
> can be found in the "hyperwall" collection[1]:
> http://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov:9090/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/fcast/inst1_2d_hwl_Nx.latest.info
> In there is a variable, duexttau, that is probably what you are looking
> for. (Note, that is the "latest" fcst collection. There are non-latest
> ones as well.)
> Matt (who works at GMAO, but as a programmer, so everything here has a
> big "may not know what he's talking about" caveat)
> [1] So named for historical reasons.

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