[gradsusr] GEOS-5 dust extinction

Thompson, Matt (GSFC-610.1)[SCIENCE SYSTEMS AND APPLICATIONS INC] matthew.thompson at nasa.gov
Mon Apr 25 11:17:15 EDT 2016

On 04/22/2016 01:10 PM, AMS EmsiWx Bytča wrote:
> Dear Grads users,
> I am trying to plot Europe Dust Extinction using GEOS-5 dods server:
> http://opendap.nccs.nasa.gov:9090/dods/GEOS-5/fp/0.25_deg/fcast/inst3_3d_ext_Np/inst3_3d_ext_Np.20160422_00.info
> and using duext.
> What I would like to get is a map similiar to this:
> https://www.facebook.com/severeweatherEU/videos/1802390916650668/
> What I get is an image, please see the attachment.
> I dont know how to set the value range. Is there any other way to
> display dust over Europe?
> Thank you all very much for your time.


Looking at that plot, my guess is that you are currently displaying the 
1000 hPa level and, as such, most of the plot is undefined (as GEOS-5 
output does not impinge upon topography).

What you probably want to use is a 2d column integrated product and one 
can be found in the "hyperwall" collection[1]:


In there is a variable, duexttau, that is probably what you are looking 
for. (Note, that is the "latest" fcst collection. There are non-latest 
ones as well.)

Matt (who works at GMAO, but as a programmer, so everything here has a 
big "may not know what he's talking about" caveat)

[1] So named for historical reasons.

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