[gradsusr] How to read station data at pericular grid point (without station.ctl)

lpasmanoranjan lpasmanoranjan at gmail.com
Sun Apr 17 22:42:18 EDT 2016

Dear Users,
I am having a problem in reading the station data at a perticular grid
point. I was trying to use oacres function [d oacres(145,p)], but it is
telling invalid expression.

*I don't have station.ctl file. But I have a station map.* My .ctl file is:

DSET   /home/data/grads/Pre199501.bin
DTYPE  station
STNMAP pre199501.map
UNDEF  -999.0
OPTIONS sequential big_endian
TITLE  Station Data Sample
TDEF   744 linear 01z01jan1995 1hr
p     0  99  Precipitation
t     0  99  Air Temperature

Thank you for any kind of help or suggestions.

Kind Regards,
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