[gradsusr] Vertical Integration of Moisture flux Convergence

Victor Dike asldikvin at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 00:54:53 EDT 2016

Dear GRADSusers,I’ve continuedto encounter this error message ‘Operation error:  Invalid dimensionenvironment, Looping dimension does not vary’’ as I try to use VINTfunction for vertical integration of moisture flux using the attachedsimple script. This error seems to be because I ‘set z 1 8’ in the opendataset.Now myconfusion is.   
   - Is it not appropriate to set z 1 8, considering the fact that I want to integrate between 1000 and 400 hPa. I noticed that this error disappears at z set =(one pressure level).
   - Am I supposed to include surface pressure (ps) dataset along side specific humidity (shum) and the wind components (uwnd and vwnd).
   - What is wrong with this script.
Iwill appreciate suggestions on this. BestRegardsVictor
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