[gradsusr] Writing a control file for unusual projection

John Burkhart jburkha4 at mix.wvu.edu
Wed Aug 26 18:57:44 EDT 2015

Hello Grad users!

I am attempting to open a dataset of northern hemisphere snow cover extent.
The dataset runs from 1966 to present at weekly time steps. The original
source of the data is

The data is not openable via the 'sdfopen' command. The main reason for
this is that the data is in a form of a northern polar stereographic
projection, but the projection is actually several polar projections
overlaid so that the entire northern hemisphere can be displayed (if opened
in Panoply or similar viewer this property can be clearly seen). From a
paper describing the dataset: "The
NH SCE CDR maps are based on the National Meteorological Center (NMC)
Limited-Area Fine Mesh grid. The NMC grid is an 89 x 89 cell Cartesian grid
draped over a polar stereographic projection with cell resolutions ranging
from ~10,600 sq. km near the equator to ~41,300 sq. km near the pole"

So, I am trying to write a control file that specifies the projection
(PDEF) but I'm not even sure that GrADS can handle it. I'm also unsure of
how I would define XDEF and YDEF given the PDEF.

Any suggestions are welcome.

John Burkhart, Ph.D. Student
West Virginia University
Department of Geology & Geography
cell: (334) 524-5350
email: jburkha4 at mix.wvu.edu
twitter: @ParanoidYeti <https://twitter.com/ParanoidYeti>
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