[gradsusr] cmip5 data dods server

Ousmane Ndiaye ousmane at iri.columbia.edu
Mon Aug 17 06:48:51 EDT 2015

Dear all,
sorry but does anyone know how to access to this data : http://coadc.ouc.edu.cn/dods/public/model/CMIP5/rcp45/Sea_Surface_Height_Above_Geoid/CanESM2/r4i1p1
I can't access the data. Does anyone know where I can access DIRECTLY to cmip5 data.
I know the official website but as here internet is very slow a grads accessible server would be of great help.
here is the error message 
Scanning self-describing file:  http://coadc.ouc.edu.cn:80/dods/public/model/CMIP5/rcp45/Sea_Surface_Height_Above_Geoid/CanESM2/r4i1p1

curl error details: 
Error: nc_open failed to open file http://coadc.ouc.edu.cn:80/dods/public/model/CMIP5/rcp45/Sea_Surface_Height_Above_Geoid/CanESM2/r4i1p1
NetCDF: I/O failure
gadsdf: Couldn't ingest SDF metadata.

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