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Hi Jovana,

I think your best option would be to use shapefiles to plot countries, etc
and not the default mpdset option within GrADS. I do not have any specific
shapefiles for that area, or any links, but I am sure someone here will
respond with some options for you. In the meantime, I'll look for some
online just in case.

*William (L.B.) LaForce*
Central Michigan University '13

On Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 7:10 PM, Jovana Perencevic <
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> Hi,
>  I am a new here, so I do not really know how this works, if I get it
> right, I should just pop the question here.
> Well, before question, just little info I know the basics of GrADS, and
> that works fine for me, cause it's just one semester course at my
> university I work with GRIB1 (that also works just fine), and I don't know
> which version of GrADS I have (silent applause ).
> Well, I am from Serbia, (if you are not familiar it's one of the countries
> created from Yugoslavia +5/6 more countries,  we are in Europe, at Balkan
> peninsula), and when I use *mpdset mres *I get Yugoslavia,  is there any
> more up to date map? (I know we are small, and mostly irrelevant, but
> Yugoslavia started to fall apart in early 90s) Or is there any chance to
> make map, putting some political maps like a layer or something like that.
> One more time, sorry if this was topic already, I am new here and sort of
> lost. And sorry for bad English :/
> Thee ee ;)
> J.
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