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D.W.Ganer tsd at tropmet.res.in
Wed Sep 15 03:32:10 EDT 2010

This is very simple problem. U set x and y as points instead of lat, lon
while using fwrite.


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Hai Rupak, 

        This problem may happen due to the x and y axis you set for using fwrite. An easy way to avoid this type of confusion is to write the output in netcdf format using sdfwrite command ( above grads version 2.0). An example is  

'sdfopen uwnd.2009.nc ' 
'set lon 0 360' 
'set lat -90 90' 
'set time 01jan2009 04nov2009' 
'set lev 1000 10' 
'define u=uwnd' 
'set sdfwrite uwnd09daily.nc ' 
'sdfwrite u' 

This will write the newly defined variable to an external file (here uwnd09daily.nc ) . 

Junior Research Fellow 
Department Of Atmospheric Sciences 
Cochin University of Science and Technology 

On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 9:56 AM, Rupak Rajbhandari < rupak.rajbhandari at gmail.com > wrote: 


I am trying to convert TRMM 3B42.V6 3-hourly rainfall data files into single daily rainfall file using GrADS 'fwrite'. The script is working well. But when I compare the newly generated maps with the original, they are different. The scales for both the maps are same but the rainfall spots are different. I think, there is a mix-up in x,y direction. If this is the case, how do I resolve it. As an example, i am attaching a figure displaying comparison map and the script file with this mail. 

Any help in this regard is appreciated. 

Thanking you, 

Rupak Rajbhandari 
Department of Meteorology 
Trichandra Campus, TC/TU 

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