[gradsusr] Problems with wgrib2.exe : No output 0k file

Ling,Alister [Edm] Alister.Ling at EC.gc.ca
Wed Sep 8 10:31:00 EDT 2010

I had a similar problem, not sure if it is the same issue...
Here is what I do, based on info I dug up in the wgrib2 pages:
There is a small bug in the grib2 file system that requires a kludge so that grads can view it:
bash script segment:
wgrib2 $downloaded_grib_file -set_flag_table_3.3 48 -grib $modified_grib_file
g2ctl $modified_grib_file > $CTL_filename
gribmap -1 $CTL_filename
Of course you may need to point to the full path for the (wgrib2 g2ctl gribmap)  executables.
In short, take the downloaded grib file , use wgrib2 to adjust the resolution parameter using "-set_flag_table_3.3 48" output to a new grib file. 
Then use g2ctl to make the contrl file.
This is for files downloaded from NCEP, so presumably should be same as for NOAA. It has something to do with grid spacing, and my impression (which may be wrong) is it may only be necessasry for certain grids like the lambert conformal.
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I am a user of Windows XP.
We are currently using grib1 format and it work perfectly.
I am trying to use the grib2 format  with the forcast at the site http://nomads.ncdc.noaa.gov/data/gfs-avn-hi/
I am able to download these files with wget without difficulties.
Then I use perl with the programme file g2clt and then i am unable to obtain a ctl files.
When i analyse the g2ctl file i find that the wgrib2.exe executable is making an output as 0k
and i have a "Big Problem" in the output of g2ctl.
My wgrib2 is in the Path variable of the windows system.
My output file is accessible and is not read only file.
I a cygwin1.dll with wgrib2.exe in the opengrads
I don't know what to think of this exept that wgrib2 is not working correctly.
I have the vesrion v0.178e of wgrib2
I have a version 2 of grads
My Wgrib2 went with my installation of opengrads
Why is wgrib functionning and not wgrib2?
Also i tested wgrib2 with the command -csv and then no output 0k
Do you have any ideas?
Thank you for your ideas and you time
Pierre Lacombe
Computer Analyst
pierre.lacombe at mddep.gouv.qc.ca
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