Wgrib2 v1.7.8e upload to sf.net

Pierre Cassar cassar at PILOTBOOK.EU
Thu Feb 26 06:12:27 EST 2009

Arlindo da Silva wrote:
> After almost a year I have updated the sources and binaries of
> wgrib2 on sf.net to the latest v1.7.8e:

I tested the Freebsd 6.x version on my Freebsd 6.1 machine (i386) with
no problems and the -ctl_ens option is now ok.

I also tested the 32bit build on a spare Freebsd 7.0 (x64) and... it
worked :-) perhaps a little slower but it could be due to the "i386

Thank you very much!

Pierre Cassar

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