OpenGrADS Bundle v2.0.a5.oga.1 available

Paolo Ciraci info at PAOLOCIRACI.IT
Thu Feb 26 06:41:15 EST 2009

Valerio Guerra wrote:
> Yes, of course EeePC is not the best solution to run Grads :-)

Well, perhaps that's not the best solution but it could be very useful
to run Grads on a netbook or similar small devices.

Weeks ago I successfully tested (batch mode only) the grads2.a3 binaries
for Linux (i686) available on Cola site on my EeePC 900 equipped with
the standard Xandros OS... no apparent problems.

In the weekend I'll try this new interesting build and I'll let you know
the results.

Best regards

Dr. Paolo Ciraci
info at

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