have many grads files with same name, how can i give them different names and open them in grads?

Anna Zacharioudaki anna.zacharioudaki at PLYMOUTH.AC.UK
Tue Feb 10 12:57:17 EST 2009

Dear users,

I am running the WaveWatch III model for wave hindcasting. The model includes a gridded output post-processor for GRADS. The output files from the post-processor are:
I am running the model on a cluster and thus performing many runs simultaneously. I want then to compare/manipulate the output of several runs using GRADS. My problem is that all output files from the different runs share the same (see above).
When I try to rename the file, e.g. ww3test.grads and ww3test.ctl and open it in grads it does not open because it does not recognise the new name.

Is there a simple way to rename grads files? Or any other suggestions of how I could deal with this problem?

Thank you,


Dr Anna Zacharioudaki
Centre for Coastal Dynamics and Engineering,
School of Engineering,
University of Plymouth,
Drake Circus,
Plymouth, Devon PL4 8AA
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