basemap files

Srivatsan Raghavan ucfasra at UCL.AC.UK
Tue Feb 10 04:58:45 EST 2009

Hi All,

I found that solves the problem of masking, as I wanted to mask
waters in the southeast asian region, output derived from WRF.

Despite the opoly and lpoly files in the directory that has fonts and
udunits.dat, running it gives an error.

ga-> set mpdset lowres
MPDSET file name = lowres
ga-> d rainc+rainnc
Contouring: 1000 to 14000 interval 1000
ga-> basemap O 7 2 L
Error reading opoly_lowres.asc
ga-> d rainc+rainnc

I have set the GADDIR env. variable to the right path. Cannot figure out
where I am wrong.

Any help ?

Many Thanks


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