Running GrADS on Windows XP

Morgan Silverman mlsilver at NCSU.EDU
Fri May 9 14:48:07 EDT 2008

I am trying to run GrADS on Windows XP with Cygwin. I downloaded grads-
1.8sl11-xwin32.exe and am able to open GrADS so I see the display window
and prompt. I am unable to open my data file though.

When I type
ga -> open /cygdrive/c/Morgan/wind22.ctl
I get this...
Scanning description file: /cygdrive/c/Morgan/wind22.ctl
Open Error: Can't open binary data file
  File name = fort.2200

I have used these exact same files (wind22.ctl and fort.2200) on a linux
machine and have no problem opening them with GrADS. I'm not sure if I'm
missing something for it to work on windows or not. My .ctl file looks
like this...

DSET    fort.2200
UNDEF   -9.99E33
XDEF 128 LINEAR  -64.0 1.0
YDEF  1  LINEAR   0.0 1.0
ZDEF 81  LINEAR   0.0 0.35
TDEF 1 LINEAR 08:00Z30APR1997 01HR
VARS    7
U1      81   99   U1
V1      81   99   V1
W1      81   99   W1
PT      81   99   POT. TEMP.
PRE     81   99   PRESSURE
ZG      81   99   ZG
ZT      81   99   ZT

Thanks in advance for any help you might have.

Morgan Silverman

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