grads-2.0.a1 segmentation fault

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Fri May 2 08:17:10 EDT 2008

Good Morning,

See below for the output from q config.  I will give PyGrADS a try and let
you know.

The end use of this data is going to be in allowing a colleague to
interpolate to ~4k locations around the globe so the thought was to put the
data into a format where our interpolation scripts could deal with it.  I am
sure there are much easier ways to do this but all of our attempts to try
this other ways have not been successful but if people have other
suggestions we are certainly open to hearing about them.  Thanks for all of
your help.

ga-> q config
Config: v1.9b4 32-bit little-endian readline sdf/xdf netcdf printim

Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) Version 1.9b4
Copyright (c) 1988-2005 by Brian Doty and IGES
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
Institute for Global Environment and Society (IGES)
This program is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY
See file COPYRIGHT for more information.

Built Tue Dec  5 19:35:14 EST 2006 for i686-redhat-linux-gnu

This version of GrADS has been configured with the following options:

   o This is a 32-bit LITTLE ENDIAN machine version.
   o Command line editing (readline) ENABLED.
   o CIRES/CDC ( SDF/XDF interface ENABLED.
     Use sdfopen/xdfopen to read NetCDF files.
   o DTYPE netcdf is ENABLED; DTYPE hdfsds is DISABLED.
   o OPeNDAP (a.k.a. DODS) gridded data interface DISABLED.
   o OPeNDAP (a.k.a. DODS) station data interface DISABLED.
   o PCMDI ( LATS interface DISABLED.
     This version is NOT configured to write GRIB, NetCDF, or HDF-SDS files.
   o DAO ( Athena Widget GUI DISABLED.
   o NRL/DAO/PCMDI XA or ImageMagick Image Output DISABLED.
   o printim command for direct png/gif output ENABLED.
     (via the GD Library --

Hmm. I tried your script on my Mac OS X with v1.9.0-rc1 and it worked just
> fine. I need to know exactly  which version and build date you are having
> problems with.
> Out of curiosity I modified a PyGrADS script I posted the other day to
> print a CSV file for one of your files, see attached. The script is a bit
> shorter than your original gs script and ran much faster on my Mac. If you
> cannot get GrADS to work with your script this could be an alternative to
> produce your CSV files.
>  BTW, what is the application of these CSV files? Is it for excel?
>       Arlindo
> --
> Arlindo da Silva
> dasilva at
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