New wgrib2 binaries?

Valerio Guerra meteo at SPORT123.IT
Mon Mar 17 07:31:13 EDT 2008

Thank you Arlindo!
Your latest wgrib2 build for FreeBSD solved also the problem I
mentioned in my post to the list on March 5 (Subject: Wgrib2 on
FreeBSD again).

Now the following command:
> wgrib2 -match ":APCP" source.grb2 -grib rain.grb2

works ok (FreeBSD 6.1 and 6.3), without the previous build error:
> MATCH package not installed

Thank you very much for all what you do for the Grads User Comunity
and for all the "FreeBSDers".
Very, very appreciated.

Ing. Valerio Guerra

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