US and Mexico Precipitation Gridded Analysis

Rafe Hargrove rafeh at DREAMSCAPEIT.COM
Thu Jul 10 14:30:35 EDT 2008

I am trying to analyze recent weather  precipitation posted by NOAA using
the Grads program.  NOAA posts daily files at the location below:

I have been able to view the data for a given days without issue.  I would
like to identify accumulated precipitation by month since February 1,

My ctl file is shown below:

dset %y4%m2%d2.ll
title US-Mexico Daily Precip Analysis
options template big_endian sequential
undef -9999.
xdef 321 linear -140.00 0.25
ydef 201 linear 10.00 0.25
zdef 1 linear 1 1
tdef 29 linear 01feb2008 1dy
vars 1
p 0 0 Total Precip (in/day)

Here is what I get within Grads:

Institute for Global Environment and Society
All Rights Reserved

Config: v1.8SL11 32-bit little-endian readline sdf/xdf netcdf lats printim

Issue 'q config' command for more information.

Landscape mode? (no for portrait):  no
GX Package Initialization: Size = 8.5 11
use c:\prf\griddeddatga-> use c:\prf\griddeddata\rafemonth
c:\prf\griddeddata\rafemonth.ctl has been opened as File 1 and is the
default file
ga-> d p
Cannot contour grid - all undefined values
ga-> query file
File 1 : US-Mexico Daily Precip Analysis
  Descriptor: c:\prf\griddeddata\rafemonth.ctl
  Binary: %y4%m2%d2.ll
  Type = Gridded
  Xsize = 321  Ysize = 201  Zsize = 1  Tsize = 29
  Number of Variables = 1
    p 0 0 Total Precip (in/day)
ga-> query time
Time = 00Z01FEB2008 to 00Z01FEB2008  Fri to Fri

I can't seem to get the time sequence to work as it should and I'm a
little unsure about the error message related to contour grids.

My objective is to identify and document monthly recorded rainfall by grid
(.25X.25 degrees) I would gladly pay for your assistance.

Rafe Hargrove

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