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On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 8:49 AM, wilfredo burgoa <anwibuma at> wrote:

> Dear Arlindo,
>  Please, with the option Set gxout fwrite manages to extract data in binary
> (GrADS) and now would want to turn those data to a format for example to be
> visualized in a spreadsheet (Excel).

Off hand the only thing I think of right now is to write a program to
convert this binary file into ASCII. In this case, skip the fwrite
altogether and use "set gxout print" to create ASCII directly from GrADS;
look at the user guide for instructions.

If you are an experienced C programmer, another possibility is look for a C
library that writes in Excel binary format and write a conversion utility.
This can also be done in Python using PyGrADS and the python excel tools.
 However, I've never done it myself (I do not use excel).


Arlindo da Silva
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