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Hay viet 1 chuong trinh Fortran nho ma doc cai file binary do, neu da biet duoc cai control file cua fbinary file thi co nghia la da hieu duoc cau truc file do roi, viet mot chuong trinh Fortran mo cai file do ra voi cai tuy chon nhu luc tao file do (i.e ACCESS='DIRECT', FORM='BINARY', RECL=4*NX*NY), sau do doc tung record ra la duoc, can gi phai dung den Grads cho no mat cong


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Subject: Create text file from binary file
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Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am trying to create a series data (arranged
by years: 1971-2000) from a binary file. At here, I have some average
temperature and precipitation files; they are output of RegCM3 model. So I hope
to use GRADS to create text file using this file. So How  I do and if someone
have some scripts, ect… Please give me some advices or send your scripts
to me. 

Thank you very much, 

All the best 

Nguyen Dang Mau 

Center for Meteorology and Climatology 

Vietnam Institute of Meteorology,
Hydrology and Environment 

5/62 Nguyen Chi Thanh Rd., Dongda,  




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