Converting from Regrid2 to lterp()

Ben Quinn benquinn at OPTUSHOME.COM.AU
Tue Dec 30 17:37:54 EST 2008

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

Well, that's dissapointing! I can't understand why UDF's would have been
excluded from the new version of GRADS - i'm sure there's a good reason

I guess i'll be converting Grib2 to Grib1 for now so i can continue using
your excellent UDF.


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> ben,  there is no way for lterp to reproduce the functionality of my
> regrid2 udf mainly because the target grid must be defined.  the only
> solution is for grads2 to support user defined functions.  /r mike
> Ben Quinn wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm having trouble working out how to convert my GRADS scripts from
>> Regrid2 to the new built in lterp() function.  The documentation for the
>> function is quite brief.  Essentially i'm pulling point data from GRIB
>> files to put together forecast soundings/vertical profiles on the fly at
>> Previously there was one simple line in the script that exctracted an
>> interpolated value for a previously set lat/lon
>> define tmp500 = regrid2(tmpprs,0.1,0.1,bl)
>> But i am unsure as to how to extract the same point value using lterp()
>> Any help would be much appreciated.
>> Ben

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