Converting from Regrid2 to lterp()

Michael Fiorino Michael.Fiorino at NOAA.GOV
Tue Dec 30 16:22:35 EST 2008

ben,  there is no way for lterp to reproduce the functionality of my
regrid2 udf mainly because the target grid must be defined.  the only
solution is for grads2 to support user defined functions.  /r mike

Ben Quinn wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having trouble working out how to convert my GRADS scripts from
> Regrid2 to the new built in lterp() function.  The documentation for the
> function is quite brief.  Essentially i'm pulling point data from GRIB
> files to put together forecast soundings/vertical profiles on the fly at
> Previously there was one simple line in the script that exctracted an
> interpolated value for a previously set lat/lon
> define tmp500 = regrid2(tmpprs,0.1,0.1,bl)
> But i am unsure as to how to extract the same point value using lterp()
> Any help would be much appreciated.
> Ben

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