Opening of Map fonts in Windows XP

Shailendra Rai r_shail77 at REDIFFMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 12 05:54:14 EDT 2006

Hello all,
I have downloaded grads-1.8sl11-win32e.exe for Windows and installed on my machine having Microsoft XP operating system. 

There is a problem in the Path of Grads fonts for displaying map. When I plot any variable by any control file neither map nor the longitude and latitude values are shown in the display and it gives error.

>error opening stroke character dataset
Data se names=/usr/local/lib/grads/font0.dat;font0.dat.

It seems to me that it is searching for font0.dat in /usr/local/lib/grads and this type of path is set in Unix environment. 

I have installed grads in C:\grads and the font files (font0.dat, font1.dat etc. ) are in c:\grad\dat.

Any one have any ideas or suggestions about this.


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