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I've attached a modified version of cbarn (  The first
optional argument is an increment value.  Eg, "cbarnskip 3" will print
the label for every third *level* (so, in your case, with a contour
interval of 2 degrees, you'd get a label every 6 degrees).

The other usual arguments are still available, just shifted by one.
(See the doc block).

   Best regards,
     Diane Stokes
     Environmental Modeling Center

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From: Daniel Leins <Daniel.Leins at NOAA.GOV>
Date: Sunday, January 30, 2005 6:49 pm
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> All,
> I've made a contoured/shaded plot of temperatures across a given area,
> and now I'd like to add a color bar to depict what colors are
> associatedwith what temperatures.  I've been successful in getting
> cbar and cbarn
> to work, however, I'd like to know if there is a way to adapt these
> scripts to draw the color bar normally, but perhaps label every other
> color.  I've defined about 60 "custom" colors for use on this map, and
> it gets awfully crowded when it plots the values associated with
> each of
> these colors.  I have my colors defined every 2 degrees from -10
> to 110 F.
> Can anyone provide me with any insight?
> Thanks,
> Dan Leins

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