[gradsusr] tcorr error

정지원 etuomem at naver.com
Mon Jan 10 06:33:04 EST 2022

i want to compute correlation between two exprs blow, co2 and sst.
but it printed error and i don't know what to do 
please help, thx
'open co2_CMDL_MLO_mth.ctl'
*CO2 data is from 1958
'set dfile 1'
'set x 1'
'set y 1'
'set time jan1959 dec2016'
'co2 = co2.1'
*'d co2'
'co2c = ave(co2,t=0,time=dec2016,1yr)'
'modify co2c seasonal'
'co2a = co2 - co2c'
'd co2a'
'sdfopen gistemp1200_ERSSTv4.nc'
'set dfile 2'
'set x 1'
'set y 1'
'set z 1'
'set e 1'
'set time jan1959 dec2016'
'anom = tempanomaly.2'
*'d anom'
'anomc = ave(anom,t=0,time=dec2016,1yr)'
'modify anomc seasonal'
'anoma = anom - anomc'
'd anoma'
'set t 1'
'corrl = tcorr(anom, co2, time=jan1959, time=dec2016)'
'd corrl'

Defined variable is now climatological
Defined variable is now climatological
Data Request Error: Invalid grid coordinates
  World coordinates convert to non-integer  grid coordinates
    Variable = co2c  Dimension = 3
Error from TCORR:  Error getting grids
Operation Error:  Error from tcorr function
  Error ocurred at column 1
DEFINE error:  Invalid expression.
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