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I had a look and tried using the data as well but had problems, so I 
checked out the User Documentation page for this data:


Maybe something on that page is useful to you.



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On 02/02/2022 11:49, CW Weather wrote:
> Hello all,
> ECMWF have made some data freely available on top of the WMO data 
> sets. The link is here https://data.ecmwf.int/forecasts/. I have 
> downloaded via wget for exmaple - 
> https://data.ecmwf.int/forecasts/20220202/00z/0p4-beta/oper/20220202000000-6h-oper-fc.grib2 
> and then run a simple perl command as follows;
> @ECHO Please wait, concetenating grb files...
> cat *.grb > ecmwf_grib.grib2
> @ECHO Please wait, creating ctl file...
> perl g2ctl.pl -verf ecmwf_grib.grib2 > ecmwf_grib.ctl
> @ECHO Please wait, creating idx file...
> gribmap -i ecmwf_grib.ctl -e
> but as you can see on the attached image the control file hasn't got 
> the variable names or values correct and TP (total precip) isn't 
> possible to fathom on the file. Ive managed to guess most variable 
> like pressure, t2m wind ect.
> There is a way to download single variable per time step but you would 
> have to input the length and/or bytes from the idx file for example - 
> |wget https://data.ecmwf.int/forecasts 
> <https://data.ecmwf.int/forecasts/20220202/00z/0p4-beta/oper/20220202000000-6h-oper-fc.grib2>/||20220125||/00z/0p4-beta/oper/||20220125000000||-24h-oper-fc.grib2 
> --header=||"Range: bytes=17459800-18068845"|
> However the range values will change on every time step and every 
> forecast and as such wont be viable to run automatically. I know its 
> possible in python but like others I dont use python so my question 
> is, is there a way to use wgrib or maybe .inv to breakdown the gribs 
> into readable format using a perl code?
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