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Wed Feb 2 05:49:46 EST 2022

Hello all,

ECMWF have made some data freely available on top of the WMO data sets. 
The link is here https://data.ecmwf.int/forecasts/. I have downloaded 
via wget for exmaple - 
and then run a simple perl command as follows;

@ECHO Please wait, concetenating grb files...
cat *.grb > ecmwf_grib.grib2
@ECHO Please wait, creating ctl file...
perl g2ctl.pl -verf ecmwf_grib.grib2 > ecmwf_grib.ctl
@ECHO Please wait, creating idx file...
gribmap -i ecmwf_grib.ctl -e

but as you can see on the attached image the control file hasn't got the 
variable names or values correct and TP (total precip) isn't possible to 
fathom on the file. Ive managed to guess most variable like pressure, 
t2m wind ect.

There is a way to download single variable per time step but you would 
have to input the length and/or bytes from the idx file for example - 
wget https://data.ecmwf.int/forecasts 
--header="Range: bytes=17459800-18068845"

However the range values will change on every time step and every 
forecast and as such wont be viable to run automatically. I know its 
possible in python but like others I dont use python so my question is, 
is there a way to use wgrib or maybe .inv to breakdown the gribs into 
readable format using a perl code?

Kind regards,

Stuart Markham


_Founder of CW Weather_

_Website: chorleyweather.com [2]_

[2] https://www.chorleyweather.com/
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