[gradsusr] How to store a map, based on station data, in GRADS, in a NetCDF-file?

Pavel Kishcha pavel at cyclone.tau.ac.il
Mon Sep 13 11:36:38 EDT 2021

Hello to all users of grads,

A Cressman objective analysis was conducted on the station data to obtain a
map representing the station data.

'set gxout shaded'

'd oacres (gexpr, sexpr)'

As a result, the map was successfully created.

To store the obtained map in a NetCDF-file, we tried to use the following
GRADS commands:

'set sdfwrite map.nc'

‘define x = oacres (gexpr, sexpr)'

'sdfwrite x'

Unfortunately, we got the following error info:

DEFINE error: Define not yet valid for station data

              Default file is a station data file

How to solve this problem and to store the obtained map (based on station
data) in GRADS, in a NetCDF-file? Any ideas?

Thank you,

Pavel Kishcha

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