[gradsusr] shell command within grads script

Muthuvel Chelliah - NOAA Federal muthuvel.chelliah at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 19 15:53:19 EDT 2020

Hello folks,

How can I set the result of the following linux shell command
to a variable (time_var) within a Cola grads script? which can be assigned
to set time command, via 'set time 'time_var

date -d "3 days ago" +%d%b%Y

Dr. Muthuvel Chelliah, eMail: Muthuvel.Chelliah at noaa.gov
Rm. 3008, Climate Prediction Center, Ph: (301) 683-3393
NCEP/NWS/NOAA/U.S.Dept.of Commerce,
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