[gradsusr] [EXTERNAL] Display Data from only Specific Levels

Adams, Jennifer M. (GSFC-610.2)[ADNET SYSTEMS INC] jennifer.m.adams at nasa.gov
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You can change the ZDEF entry in the descriptor file to include only the levels of interest. Then re-run gribmap and the records with levels you’re not interested in will not be matched. Then you can draw profiles at the desired levels without any gaps.

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I have wind data in a grib file over a broad domain for all levels from 1000 to 550 mbs.

I want to display wind data for specific levels, not all levels, for a specific lat and lon for all times in the grib.

Question: Is there a way to 'set levs 925, 875, 825 etc' ....versus 'set lev 1000 550'?

I literally want to ignore the data in level 900, 850, 800 ... etc.

Any suggestions?

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