[gradsusr] vrange question

Brian Gaze brianw.gaze at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 8 11:10:54 EDT 2020


Is it possible to get the values being used for vrange if they haven't been
manually set?

Example scenario is:

1) Plot one time series temperature dataset without manually setting vrange
2) Plot second time series (same time steps as in 1 but different
temperature values) temperature dataset using the SAME vrange values which
were dynamically allocated in 1

The problem is in step 2 the vrange values are being reset to correspond to
the second dataset. Instead I want to use the vrange values which were
dynamically allocated when dataset 1 was plotted.

If I could get the vrange values dynamically set in step 1 I could then use
them to manually set the vrange values in step 2 to be the same.


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