[gradsusr] Any script to compute horizontal and vertical moisture advection terms in grads ?

lpasmanoranjan lpasmanoranjan at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 10:49:42 EST 2020

Dear Users,
I am having problem while computing the moisture advection terms, which are:
(1/g) x ∫ω∙∂q/∂p dp
(1/g) x ∫V∙∇q dp

I have u, v, w (z-wind), q in 1000, 950, 900, ...., 150, 100 pressure levels

Following scripts for temperature advection terms given in opengrads:
"mvadv(v,t)", "mwadv(w,t)/100"

Will the above scripts solve my problem if I replace "t" with "q"?

I appreciate for any kind of help or suggestion in this regard.
Kind Regards,
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