[gradsusr] Issues with set cstyle on Grads 2.2.1.oga.1

James T. Potemra jimp at hawaii.edu
Thu Jan 9 20:34:04 EST 2020

Hi Mike,

Works okay for me using

> Config: v2.2.1.oga.1 little-endian readline grib2 netcdf hdf4-sds hdf5 
> opendap-grids,stn athena geotiff shapefile
> Issue 'q config' and 'q gxconfig' commands for more detailed 
> configuration information

I wonder if maybe you are drawing a dashed line over top a solid line?  
For example, if you contour a variable, then set cstyle 3, then contour 
the same variable, the dashed contours would overlay the solid ones and 
appear solid.  That's the only thing I can think of.


On 1/9/20 2:40 PM, Mike Manning wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm using Grads 2.2.1.oga.1 and it seems that using 'set cstyle 3' has 
> no effect on the contour lines at all - they remain solid instead of 
> being dashed - there is nothing about this command not working with 
> the latest grads at all, am I doing something wrong?
> Cheers, Mike
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