[gradsusr] error reading GRIB2 file

Jennifer M Adams jadams21 at gmu.edu
Sat Sep 28 11:53:28 EDT 2019

Data Representation Template 5.40 is (Grid Point Data - JPEG2000 Compression) (Lossless)
My build of the grib2c library is linked with a build of jasper that supports jpeg2000, so it works for me (see attached). If rebuilding your grib2 library is not an option, I believe you can use wgrib2 to rewrite the grib2 records and change the DRT to a different compression setting. —Jennifer


On Sep 27, 2019, at 10:01 AM, Subhajit Ghosh <subhajitghosh08 at gmail.com<mailto:subhajitghosh08 at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi everyone
I am unable to read a GRIB2 file in GrADS and its showing following error

Config: v2.2.0 little-endian readline grib2 netcdf hdf4-sds hdf5 opendap-grids,stn geotiff shapefile

ga-> open wvhgt2.ctl

Scanning description file:  wvhgt2.ctl
Data file wvhgt.grib2 is open as file 1
LON set to 0 360
LAT set to -90 90
LEV set to 1 1
Time values set: 2019:9:11:0 2019:9:11:0
E set to 1 1
ga-> q file

File 1 : wvhgt.grib2
  Descriptor: wvhgt2.ctl
  Binary: wvhgt.grib2
  Type = Gridded
  Xsize = 1440  Ysize = 721  Zsize = 1  Tsize = 24  Esize = 1
  Number of Variables = 1
     wvhgtsfc  0  10,0,5  ** surface Significant Height of Wind Waves [m]

ga-> d wvhgtsfc

g2_unpack7: Data Representation Template 5.40 not yet implemented.

g2_getfld: return from g2_unpack7 = 4
GRIB2 I/O Error: g2_getfld failed, ierr=14
Data Request Error:  Error for variable 'wvhgtsfc'
  Error ocurred at column 1
DISPLAY error:  Invalid expression
  Expression = wvhgtsfc

If anyone can suggest  what's the problem and possible solution
using wgrib2 v0.2.0.8 2/2019

files are attached herewith
thanks & Regards
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