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Thank you. 

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Yes, the %mc template string only uses lower case month names. Sorry! 
You can use %ch and a CHSUB entry for each time step 
dset my%chfile.dat 
chub 1 1 myJANfile.dat 
chsub 2 2 myFEBfile.dat 

Another option is to use symbolic links to create aliases for your files with upper case months. 

> On Jun 27, 2019, at 3:01 PM, M.Mahakur <mmahakur at TROPMET.RES.IN> wrote: 
> Hi, 
> Sorry for this silly query! 
> While using DSET filenames for 3-characters month's abbreviation I used %mc, as per the GrADS doc: 
> %mc 3 character month abbreviation (http://cola.gmu.edu/grads/gadoc/templates.html) 
> I found that it searches for files with month jan,...,dec (small alphabets). Whereas, I have files with names having capital alphabets (JAN,..,DEC) in the place of month (%mc). Other than renaming all JAN to jan, .. etc. files, is there any other template options? 
> With Thanks and Regards, 
> Mahakur 
> IITM, Pune (India) 
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