[gradsusr] about fprintf command in Ubuntu

Yared Godine yared.godine at amu.edu.et
Sun Jul 14 11:34:28 EDT 2019

Dear all
I tried to write the grads output values into ascii file by using
the fprintf.gs script in ubuntu. 
I tried the following command

Sdfopen file.nc
Set lat 8
Set lon 37
Set t 1 1826 (since the file has 1826 time steps)
fprintf tasmax-273.15  C:\Users\user\Desktop\yared\tmax1986_1990.csv  %g, 12 2

when I run this script, I got the following result:-
                                    Unknown command: fprintf

What may be the error with this script or command?

waiting for your kind reply

thanking you
with best regard


Yared Godine Demeke 
Msc. in Meteorology 
Instructor in Faculty of Meteorology and Hydrology 
Water Technology Institute 
Arba Minch University 
P. O. Box 21, Arba Minch, Ethiopia. 
Mobile :-( +251)-916-854-783 
:-( +251)-939-171-133 
Email:- yared.godine at amu.edu.et & yarukidus2002 at gmail.com 

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