[gradsusr] script no longer works

Sim D. Aberson sim.aberson at noaa.gov
Fri Jul 12 14:54:56 EDT 2019

I have been using a script to create plots for a number of years, and
that script no longer works.  For example, I used the script to create
the plot at
 When I now use the script on the same data files on the same hardware,
I get the attached.  Note that the station plots are not on the attached
plot whereas they are on the one reachable via ftp.  Grads does not give
me any errors or warnings when I run it.  I have tried grads2.0.2,
grads2.1.0, and grads2.1.1.b, all with the same result.  There is one
difference - I upgraded my computer from Sierra to Mojave.

I'm stumped, since there are no messages that tell me why the station
plots are no longer added to the plots.  I have attached the script and
relevant data plots for this case, and any help is greatly appreciated.


One day, the wind blowed so hard, it blowed a well up out of the ground;
blowed so hard, it blowed a crooked road straight.  Another time it
blowed an' blowed, an' scattered the days of the week so bad Sunday
didn't get around 'til late Tuesday mo'nin.  -  The WPA Guide to Florida
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'open radar.ctl'
'open station.ctl'
xev = 1
while (xev < 37)
  'set grads off'
  pnum = xev * 500
  pnumname = pnum / 1000
  'set lev ' pnum
  'set gxout shaded'
  'set cint 5'
  'set clevs  5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80'
  'set ccols  9 14  4 11  5 13  3 10  7 12  8  2  6  9  5 10'
  'd mag(u.1,v.1)'
  'set gxout vector'
  'set ccolor 15'
  'set arrscl 0.5 50'
  'd skip(u.1,3,3);skip(v.1,3,3)'
  'run cbar.gs'
  'set gxout barb'
  'set digsiz 0.09'
  'set dignum 1'
  'set ccolor 1'
  'd ugrdhgt.2;vgrdhgt.2'
  'set gxout model'
  'set digsiz 0.09'
  'set dignum 1'
  'set ccolor 1'
# 'd const(ugrdhgt.2,0,-a);const(ugrdhgt.2,0,-a);tmphgt.2;rhhgt.2;height.2'
# 'd 0.0;0.0;tmphgt.2;rhhgt.2;height.2'
# 'd const(ugrdhgt.2,0);const(ugrdhgt.2,0);tmphgt.2;rhhgt.2;height.2'
# 'd ugrdhgt.2;vgrdhgt.2;tmphgt.2;rhhgt.2;height.2'
# 'd const(ugrdhgt.2,0);const(vgrdhgt.2,0);tmphgt.2;rhhgt.2;height.2'
  'd const(ugrdhgt.2,0);const(vgrdhgt.2,0);tmphgt.2;rhhgt.2;0.0;0.0'
  'draw title 180708H1 Chris at 'pnumname' km (m/s) Valid 20180708 1231Z'
  pnumname = pnum / 100
  'set grads off'
  'printim 180708H1wind'pnumname'.png png white'
  xev = xev + 1

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