[gradsusr] if else statement with string arguments

Howard Staines rossby at rossby.co.nz
Mon Nov 26 15:40:44 EST 2018

Hi Trace, 
if you have more than one 'region' why not try using a function

function call
locnos = 1
while locnos < 55
region = subwrd(getsite(locnos),1)
regionlat = subwrd(getsite(locnos),2)
regionlon = subwrd(getsite(locnos),3)

say region		* This is good to get your script to echo back
whether function works
************************** functions
function getsite(locnos)
locnum = locnos
if locnum = 1
sitedat ="Crownthorpe -39.5868 176.5385"
if locnum = 2
sitedat ="Longlands -39.6723 176.8242"
if locnum = 3
return sitedat

I find it very useful to loop through different regions for things like

Hope this helps
Howard Staines 
Rossby consulting NZ

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