[gradsusr] Undefined parameter table

Tracey tdorian10 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 14:52:15 EST 2018


I was wondering if anyone knew what the following error means in GrADS when
trying use "grib2ctl" on a GRIB1 file in my GrADS script?  The example
GRIB1 file is attached to this email for reference.

*grib2ctl *NPR.SNWN.SP.S1200.MESH16_Cycle_2018110800 >

Undefined parameter table (center 57-2 table 128), using NCEP-opn

Undefined parameter table (center 57-2 table 128), using NCEP-opn
 grib1map:  opening GRIB file: NPR.SNWN.SP.S1200.MESH16_Cycle_2018110800
 grib1map:  reached end of files
 grib1map:  writing the map...

When I try to plot SNODsfc field in GrADS from the control file that was
created after that error showed up, it just says "Entire Grid Undefined."

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
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