[gradsusr] Extracting time specific grib data using wgrib

Davide Sacchetti davide.sacchetti at arpal.gov.it
Mon May 7 03:59:17 EDT 2018

wgrib all_cosmodata | grep ':78hr fcst:' | egrep -i ":VGRD:|:UGRD:" \
| wgrib -grib -i  all_cosmodata

(in our suite U:kpds5=33:kpds6=110 -> UGRD)

bye bye

On Mon, 2018-05-07 at 05:07 +0000, Charles Vanya wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am humbly looking for assistance. I have hourly data from COSMO
> model which span for 78 hours and is in grib format. I would like to
> extract specific variables for the whole 78hours and concatenate it
> as one grib file.
> I have tried to concatenate the files and when i run the wgrib
> command to extract the variables i am looking for, i am only getting
> data file for 2 days.
> I started like this:
> cat lfff00000000c lfff*00 > all_cosmodata
>  To extract for specific variables
> wgrib all_cosmodata | egrep -i
> ":V:kpds5=34:kpds6:=110:|:U:kpds5=33:kpds6=110:" | wgrib -grep  -i
> all_cosmodata -o cosmodata_uv
> Here am trying to extract surface u and v component of wind for all
> 78hrs.
> However my output shows me that i have only extracted two hours data.
> Now my question is, how can i include the time steps so that i
> extract all 78 hrs at once.
> Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
> Charles Langton Vanya
> Chief Meteorological
> Prediction Section
> Dept. of Climate Change and Meteorological Services
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> Blantyre.
> Malawi
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