[gradsusr] Using linefill on 2-D plot?

L.B. bcbass2989 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 14:29:35 EDT 2018

Hello all,

I was wondering if it was possible to use the linefill gxout option on a
2-D plot to fill between lines of an ensemble spread? Take for instance the
attached photo of the mean 32F isotherm and ensemble spread. These 3 lines
were plotted with some basic commands:

'd min(((TMP2m-273.15)*(9/5)+32),e=1,e=20)'
'd max(((TMP2m-273.15)*(9/5)+32),e=1,e=20)'
'd ave(((TMP2m-273.15)*(9/5)+32),e=1,e=20)'

Is there a way to use linefill, or perhaps another method to shade in the
area encompassed by the min and max ensemble members to show the possible
range of an isotherm?

William (L.B.) LaForce IV
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