[gradsusr] Build GrADS 2.20 from Source, Errors with GRIB2 and gribmap

Jennifer M Adams jadams21 at gmu.edu
Tue Jan 30 17:35:21 EST 2018

> On Jan 30, 2018, at 4:01 PM, William Daniel Scheftic <scheftic at email.arizona.edu> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have built GrADS-2.2.0 from source for OpenSuse Leap 42.3 on the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

> I have tested reading netcdf and GRIB1 files and they work fine. However, I am not able to read GRIB2 files. I get the following error if I try to open a GRIB2 file that already had a .idx file produced:
> GRIB2 I/O Error: Predefined bitmap applies (ibmap=47244640267)
I belive this is related to a setting for CFLAGS in the grib2c library’s makefile. Try it without the “-D__64BIT__” .

You could also try digging out the g2clib binary from the tarball of my SUSE supplibs builds:
and see if that changes anything.

> If I rerun the built gribmap on the file to produce a new .idx file I get a different error:
> Cannot contour grid - all undefined values
You should always look at the verbose output from gribmap to make sure you’ve matched the variables in your descriptor the variables in the data file

> This file worked fine with the SUSE-12.1 binaries using the gribmap in that distribution.

> I should point out that the built gribmap gives a segmentation fault on verbose (-v) mode.
Your gribmap or mine? 
I can’t reproduce a seg fault with the -v option on my SUSE server. What is the source for the grib2 file you’re using? 

>  I had a different issue with the binaries regarding gxprint that is working now that I've built from source.
What was wrong with gxprint?

> After some struggles I got all the libraries to build.
Heh. Yeah. The struggles are real. 
I think all those errors can be safely ignored, especially since you got this:

>   |  - GUI disabled               |
>   |  + READLINE enabled           |
>   |  + GEOTIFF enabled            |
>   |  + SHAPEFILE enabled          |
>   |  + GD enabled                 |
>   |  + CAIRO enabled              |
>   |  + GRIB2 enabled              |
>   |  + HDF4 enabled               |
>   |  + HDF5 enabled               |
>   |  + NETCDF4 enabled            |
>   |  + OPeNDAP enabled            |
>   |     for grids and stn data    |

Jennifer Miletta Adams
Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies (COLA)
George Mason University

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