[gradsusr] Error opening Netcdf file

CHIDZAMBWA Simba simba.chidzambwa at des.qld.gov.au
Sun Dec 2 20:25:31 EST 2018

I am trying to open a Netcdf file 'omega.200.nc' as the 112th file  to be opened in my script but am getting the following message. Does anyone understand what it means?

My script:
'sdfopen air.'i'.nc'
'sdfopen omega.'i'.nc'
'set lat -20 0'
'set lon 50 300'
'set lev 1000 50'
'define t'w'=ave(air.'q',t='a',t='b')'
'define vve'w'=ave(omega.'r',t='a',t='b')'

Error message:
"Data Request Error: Invalid grid coordinates
  World coordinates convert to non-integer  grid coordinates
    Variable = omega.112  Dimension = 2
Operation Error:  Error from ave function
  Error ocurred at column 1
DEFINE error:  Invalid expression."

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