[gradsusr] Problem using simultaneously maskout and set parea

Kiswendsida Hyacinthe Guigma K.Guigma at sussex.ac.uk
Thu Aug 16 03:40:17 EDT 2018

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for your reply. I have already tried your solution but it doesn't work. Instead of the 'draw ... ' commands, I am pretty sure that it is the maskout that gives me the trouble. I have searched for a way to reset this command after each panel but failed to find it so far. Any idea about how to reset it without clearing the entire page?



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Issuing certain commands like 'draw ...' can reset some settings. I would try repeating these lines for each panel you want to plot

'set mpt 0 1 1 12'
'set mpt 1 1 1 12'

rather than just setting them at the top of the script.

Jeff Duda

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Dear grads users,
I am facing  challenges masking undesired values. Actually I have got a Netcdf file of wind data (representing composites for different situations) covering the Northern Africa. I want to plot the wind pattern but only where magnitude is greater than 2m/s. When I do that for one single plot, it works perfectly. However,  I want to do that for different composites and then I used set parea in order to have four (4) of them in the same page. Unfortunately, in that case it is only the first virtual page that has the mpdset correct. For all the rest there is no basemap in the background. I am attaching (i)my data, (ii) the output and (iii) my code,

Your help is well appreciated.


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